Toni was my savior. I began seeing Toni when I was 13 to help me work through my struggles with compulsive dieting and distorted body image. Toni was a breath of fresh air. My biggest fear when I started seeing her was the judgment I assumed she would place on me and my issues. Clearly this was not the case. She listened with love and compassion, and spoke with passion and honesty. I wanted to cling on every word she said. Her dedication to me as a client was remarkable. My sessions with her became the highlight of my week. Over the 4 years I worked with Toni, I benefited immensely from our relationship and I am a better person because of her. She was truly instrumental in my recovery, and I feel very lucky to have her in my life.
Lindsey Y.

Working toward reaching my natural weight has been (and still is) a process of eating good food, respecting my body, mindfulness, and self love. From my work with her I have noticed other areas in my life falling into alignment because I overall find myself operating out of a place of increased self respect. 

Toni will provide you with the gentle and nurturing support that allows you to feel safe opening up to her and sharing your difficult journey with food and body image...but she will also give you a good kick in the pants when the need arises.

Please contact Toni if you are struggling with your relationship with food and body image. You will be transformed!
Aliza S

I can hardly express how much Toni's guidance has helped me in the past several months.  I first came to her frustrated by my compulsive overeating and the state of my body after having two kids. With her support I have successfully begun to understand the real causes of my behavior, and have established new habits that have been beneficial for my physical and, more significantly,my mental health.  She has done wonders for my relationships with my husband, my children, and myself.  Among the many important things I've learned from her are how to be more present and how to be kinder to myself; for that alone I am incredibly grateful!
Emily L.

I had struggled with binging for about eight years before meeting her. I had many dietitians and therapists in the past, and not one of them told me that complete recovery was possible. Toni is different. Not only did she tell me that I could be completely free from my eating disorder, but also that I can learn to love my body and myself. She is so loving, compassionate, and supportive. She is willing to use techniques that accommodate different personalities. Toni helped me gain a better understanding of who I am and gifted me with a completely different perspective on my life. I am proud to say that I have recovered from my eating disorder - in large part due to her help - and I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with any eating issues.
Nicole S.

Working with Toni has changed my viewpoint of food and life so that my life has become much more rich and full. I am so grateful. She is a truly passionate and compassionate person and I feel that she has helped me grow immensely.
Ema B.

Wow, Toni changed my life.

My goal was to lose weight and feel great in my body.
Working with Toni, I found a way to eat the foods I love while living in a body, I feel great about. I went in for a tune up and came out with a completely new perspective and literally had a huge weight lifted from my life, both physically and emotionally. She makes it easy to share my feelings and guided me through the why's and how's of my weight gain.

Thank you Toni, for bringing back the sunshine.
Melanie B.

Toni Kohn has been a joy to work with. As a former co-worker, I have seen her work diligently with with many clients. She is always clear, compassionate and comprehensive, her work and recommendations come straight from the heart in a way that is truly tangible. She does something many dietitians don't do, and that's listen and help identify the true problem. She is patient and helps clients move step by step through the process of getting back on track to forming a healthy relationship with the food. It is obvious after seeing Toni Work 12 hour shifts 2 hours from home that her true passion is the health and wellbeing of her clients. I've also observed the impact she has made on clients when facilitating Nutrition Education groups. She explains the science and reasoning behind nutrition in a way that people can really understand.
Lauren B.

I have received Toni's invaluable support during very dark times.  While I have had my eating disorder under control for many years, the historical and emotional traumas that were at the root of those behaviors still require care and attention to heal.  Toni understands the depth of the human experience.  She possesses incredible compassion and understanding without judgment.  She has provided a way out of compulsive and obsessive thinking patterns with her simple presence and willingness to listen and explore more deeply.  I am beyond grateful for the support Toni has provided!
Emily K.

I am a psychotherapist specializing in binge and compulsive overeating as well as clients who struggle with chronic dietitn.  I have known and worked with Toni for over 15 years. Toni is an outstanding dietician and my go-to person when I refer a client for nutritional counseling. Toni gets to the heart of the matter, beginning the healing process with her initial encounter. Compassionate, intelligent and experienced, she's a trusted and gifted colleague.
Diana B.